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Careers and Guidance

Statutory Obligations for Careers in School

In line with the Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff, Careers guidance and access for education and training providers, The Rose School’s Careers policy ensures that all registered pupils at this school are provided with independent careers guidance from Year 9 to Year 11.

The independent careers guidance provided:

  1. is presented in an impartial manner, showing no bias or favouritism towards a particular institution, education or work option.
  2. includes information on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and technical education routes.
  3. is guidance that will promote the best interests of the pupils to whom it is given.

Careers inspiration and guidance at The Rose is a progressive journey from Year 7-11.

The aims of the Careers programme at The Rose are:

  1. To develop positive attitudes in the pupils towards study and work.
  2. To develop employability and enterprise skills, such as teamwork and communication.
  3. To help students to plan and take control of their future making informed choices at key points in their education.
  4. To provide students with the relevant careers inspiration and guidance that is suitable to their personal needs including age, ability, attitudes and aptitudes.
  5. To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities post 16 including traineeships, apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, HE, FE, employment and training opportunities.
  6. To help students to reflect on themselves – their abilities, skills, aptitudes and attitudes – so that they can use this knowledge to consider their development.
  7. To provide students with impartial advice about options that is available to them.
  8. To provide equal opportunity of access to careers inspiration and guidance.

Implementation of Careers Education

These aims are achieved through the Careers curriculum which is outlined below. All strategies are in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Careers Compass was initiated in September 2018 and is reviewed on a two monthly basis at present. Action points inform improvements. The compass assessment tool has helped The Rose make progress in each Benchmark.

The Careers Lead liaises regularly with Inspira and the school’s Independent Careers Advisor, curriculum leaders and our SEND school governor who also works closely with our KS4 pupils to assist them with work experience and employability skills.

The school is working towards all 8 Benchmarks:

  • A stable Careers programme
  • Learning from Career and labour market information
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experience of workplaces
  • Encounters with further and higher education
  • Personal Guidance

The Provision

Careers inspiration and support starts in Year 7 through a weekly lesson for all in KS3 allowing the students to explore a wide range of jobs and considering what they want to do in the future. They also look at their own strengths matching skills and qualities to suitable occupations. Students are introduced to possible opportunities and pathways post 16.

Stereotyping is addressed in each year group to ensure all students are aware and fully embrace the importance of equal opportunities.

A series of assemblies look at different careers and pathways, including the police, the army and jobs in construction. about the different post 16 routes available giving in depth discussion of the different courses available including an apprenticeships talk.

A local University provide an introduction to Higher Education assembly followed by a Q/A session.

All students in Year 9 can request an impartial Careers interview with the school Careers officer. He meets with all students for an initial introduction prior to their Year 9 transition review.

In the Autumn Term each year, there is a careers event where pupils from Y 9-11 are invited to attend with parents and carers. All local colleges and training providers are invited to attend.

In Years 10 and 11 all pupils have the opportunity to meet with the independent careers advisor on several occasions. They also take part in several college and training provider visits.

All students are offered the opportunity to take part in work experience which is set up through the Independent Advisor or the SEND link governor, who works for Education Business Partnership. The aim is to give pupils first-hand experience of the world of work.

Students have the opportunity when they are 15 to access a 6 week mentoring programme which promotes employer engagement and developing employability and transferable skills.

The KS4 curriculum includes a Princes Trust qualification and Preparation for Working Life which includes investigating post 16 options, letters of application, CV’s, application forms and interview techniques.

Entitlement to Careers Education and Guidance

All Pupils in Years 9-11 currently have access to an Impartial Careers Advisor. The school resources are updated with prospectuses, apprenticeship and traineeship information and general careers information.

All year groups have the opportunity to develop their employability and enterprise skills through taking part in various activities that take place throughout the year. Examples include enterprise, teamwork, presentation, finance, listening skills and creativity. Providers such as Young Enterprise, Volunteer it Yourself and Opus offer something to students in each year group in the area of enterprise, careers and employability skills.

Evaluation/Quality Assurance

The school is committed to CPD for Careers and all team members actively seek CPD opportunities.

The Rose School works in partnership with Inspira, a leading career management and personal development organisation operating in the North West of England, whose mission is to empower young people and adults with the skills and confidence they need to reach their potential in life and work. A representative from Inspira meets monthly with the Careers Lead, sometimes in conjunction with the school link governor to develop and quality assure a robust programme which is working towards meeting the criteria of several of the Gatsby Benchmarks and Government Statutory Guidance.

Annual Monitoring and Evaluations

Reviews with Education Business Partnership (Linda Taylor: SEND Link Governor)
Reviews with the independent Careers Advisor (Vic Ficorilli)
Pupil Voice in all year groups of all events
Internal monitoring is planned for the summer term, including reviews with form tutors.
Work Experience monitoring, reviews from pupils, parents, employers and visiting staff from school.
Work experience, application form workshop and practice interview evaluations
Careers lessons are being reviewed by the Careers lead (Sue Farinha) and transition workers (Frankie Hough and Liz McDonald)


All student destinations are collected in house by the schools Careers Lead in collaboration with the SEND Team.

Careers Destinations 2020-21

Fair Access Policy