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Apple Cast North West

Apple Cast North West was founded in 2006 by Neil Farnworth gaining registered charity status in 2008. On the 1st December 2016, we merged with age Red Apple Trust to become Apple Cast.​ ​

This followed a succession of fishing days to divert young people away from anti social behaviour in partnership with the Youth Offending Team. These days proved to be very positive and CAST was funded by Wigan SRB 6 to set up an alternative education centre. Due to this demand more classroom and office space was needed to continue progression.

The funding allowed CAST to provide onsite facilities such as a classroom, welfare facilities and storage area. The centre was based around using angling as a tool to develop respect and self esteem and break down intergenerational barriers.

As the charity started to expand it was evident that young people were showing an interest to develop knowledge and learn new skills. CAST developed an education package which embedded literacy and numeracy around the sport of angling. This offered a safe environment in a beautiful, tranquil setting creating a relaxing and therapeutic environment for people of all disabilities and additional needs and to re-engage into education but also develop work based learning skills.

Due to the success engaging some of the most disaffected young people the project started to grow. Whilst fishing is the vehicle we use to engage young people it is simply a means to an end. We are about bringing disadvantaged young people whether NEET, disaffected or excluded no matter of what issues or problems they may be experiencing and offering them support and help to achieve their full potential.​

Our Vision

Apple Cast offers a safe environment for young people to achieve through the sport of angling.

Many of the young people we support face a number of complex barriers that prevent them from achieving in education or training and are in danger of becoming long term unemployed and socially and economically excluded. We have now expanded our provision that can provide an assessment of the options available to us in terms of extending the current operations, diversification in education and alternative income generation. Indoor and outdoor angling is then combined with these outdoor activities to stimulate interest to learn.

The now developed horticulture, conservation, fish breeding, aquaponics, agriculture and bespoke woodwork shops complement the existing fishery management qualifications and angling tuition. All the education stems from the angling aspect of the program and allows young people to make options on the desired learning direction. All literacy and numeracy is embedded into the portfolio work completed and compliments the practical side of the project.

This enables young people to complete task to develop work base learning skills along with a good work ethic. In addition to the various qualifications and accredited certificates the young people have the opportunity to gain, they will also learn key life skills including confidence, respect, patience and perseverance.

Since moving to our new site in 2014, we have developed many new facilities, including our on site Cafe and Garden Centre.